Scent Classes

Scent Classes

Introduction to Scent Work – Learn how/why a dog searches

This is a 90 minute presentation into the wonderful world of scent work We will cover –

What is scent work

Getting your dog started

Teach them to use their nose

How to find scents

Playing fun scenting games

Finding your keys – a useful skill

How to progress this skill

No matter what age or breed we can teach your dog to have fun interactive games

Scent Work Classes

For those who wish to take up scent work we offer fun classes covering Bronze, Silver and Gold. We will teach your dog to find at least 10 different scents from your own keys etc (very useful), tiny pieces of tennis ball, clove oil, vanilla etc this can be  hidden in a large area both in and out doors. You will be amazed at your dogs skill at finding things they are trained to search for. We also run fun competitions where you and your doggy detectives have to solve crimes by finding the murder weapons.

When conditions  permit we run tracking classes as part of our scent work classes teaching our dogs how to track and find persons and property. 

Scent work is unique as its the dog who has all the skills not us.