Canine First Aid

Canine First Aid

Martin was the lead instructor for the Police on Canine First Aid. He has now adapted this course for Pro Dogs. It is delivered nation wide to private dog owners and dog clubs throughout the UK. These courses are run on a regular basis.

This fully certificated course is relaxed, informative and fun, with lots of practical lessons aimed at all enthusiastic dog owners. All participants will receive a full course certificate valid for 2 years, aide memoirs, information CD and a detailed reference booklet. We are passionate about this course as it has saved the lives of many dogs. This one day course been delivered across the UK to over 1,000 people. If you need further information on this fun informative course just enquire.

Canine First Aid Course Module

The following is all covered within a 1 day session

Module 1

  • First actions at a scene – scene assessment
  • Health & safety around injured dogs
  • Primary assessment
  • ABC of care
  • When & how to use CPR (using mannequins)
  • Practicing mouth to snout – this is great fun!
  • Recovery position, yes there is one for a dog

Module 2

  • 1st Aid Kits
  • Moving/transporting an injured dog
  • Bleeding/bandaging – various Wounds/injuries/cuts
  • Shock
  • Finding a pulse & breathing rates
  • Fractures
  • Spinal injuries
  • Car accidents

Module 3

  • Heat stroke
  • Stomach torsion/Bloat
  • Choking
  • Poison
  • Bites/Stings
  • Ticks
  • Grass seeds
  • Burns
  • Stress

Course Dates

Pro Dog publish all available K9 First Aid courses via their Facebook page and on our news page. Alternatively contact Pro Dogs via email or phone to discuss organising a K9 First Aid at your club or an alternative location.

The next course date is Sunday 14th April 2024. This is based at Two Waters School Hemel Hempstead. For more information on this popular, informative fun course please get in contact.