The story of Pro-Dogs

Pro-Dogs is owned and run by husband and wife team Martin and Sue Proctor it is based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Sue and Martin have been married for over 30 years and share a love for all animals. They are passionate about dog training and believe in using positive training methods.

Meet the Team

Martin Proctor


Martin is a professional qualified dog trainer, having worked within the Metropolitan Police Dog Unit for over 25 years. He was a supervisor, handler and trainer. He trained a wide variety of police dogs including Spaniels, German Shepherd Dog’s and Labradors in a range of skills from search, field trials, agility and obedience. Martin set up Pro Dogs to continue his love for training and working with dogs alongside his wife. Martin has completed the advanced Odin Canine Instructors Course, agility instructors and scent work courses. He is a Kennel Club assessor for the Good Citizens Award Scheme. Martin has over 30 years experience training and working with dogs.

He raises money for charity through lectures and dog club displays. Martin was the lead instructor in the Metropolitan Police for Canine First Aid he now delivers this to individual handlers and dog clubs across the UK.

Sue Proctor


Sue is a recently retired registered Practice Nurse but spends all her spare time assisting Martin with training dogs. She is a qualified agility, obedience and scent work instructor. She has attained Gold standard in Obedience and Scent work with George, our assistant Cocker Spaniel. Sue instructs agility, making it fun and enjoyable.

For those who wish to take agility further she has guided them through competing and competitions. She has always helped and assisted Martin training their own dogs, as well as his police dogs. She has over 30 years experience with dogs.

Sue is engaged in raising money through Pro-Dogs for local charities


Assistant - trainer

George is a 6 year old working cocker spaniel who loves training and enjoys demonstrating in all our classes. George takes great pleasure assisting in the following classes – pups, obedience, agility and his favourite scent work.

He has attained gold standard in Obedience & Scent work, he competes with Sue at agility. George assists in the bandaging section of the canine first aid course as well as helping Martin with 1-2-1 training with dogs that are unruly around other dogs or who find other dogs too much of a distraction.

He is a typical working cocker who loves life, tennis balls and just happily running around pleasing his owners.


the Apprentice

Lulu  is a 4 month old working cocker spaniel who just loves life. Every day is a new adventure just seeing what trouble she can get into. Lulu loves annoying George. Whatever George has Lulu wants and normally gets. However at the end of the day she loves to curl up with George and be best buddies. 

Lulu is starting demonstrating in all our classes (quite often getting it wrong or just refusing to do it – why !! Because she can). Lulu loves doing pups, obedience and her favourite scent work. 

Lulu will be assisting in the bandaging section of the canine first aid course as well as helping Martin with 1-2-1 training with dogs that are unruly around other dogs.

She is a typical young working cocker who just loves life.